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Catch Certificate relies on Ascertia for secure eSignature system

Posted by Victoria Allen on Nov 21, 2023 11:00:00 AM

Norwegian company Catch Certificate needed to develop a portal for electronic documents to be used when exporting wild-caught fish.

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Ascertia’s SigningHub integrates with eID Easy

Posted by Mike Hathaway on Jun 20, 2023 11:45:00 AM

Ascertia’s SigningHub continues to offer support for the latest digital signature and digital identity international standards and certifications. This is partly possible due to Ascertia’s extensive network of partners that provide additional capabilities and options for Ascertia’s customers.

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CREAplus: Digital trust with Hardware Security Modules

Posted by Julianna Pihlar on May 10, 2023 11:00:00 AM

CREAplus is an independent value-added distributor based in Slovenia. The Ascertia partner delivers solutions and services to high-trust organisations in the private and public sectors.

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Ascertia and DigiCert talk about the Cloud Signature Consortium’s (CSC) influence on high-trust remote signing

Posted by Victoria Allen on Jan 12, 2022 9:04:22 AM

There is no ignoring how much momentum digital transformation has gained over the past 18 months.

We recently caught up with Ascertia partner, Patrick Beckman Lapré, Global Sales Director at DigiCert to discuss the acceleration of digitalisation in business.

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Architecting high trust to fight workplace fraud

Posted by Riaan De Villiers on Sep 9, 2021 11:35:25 AM

It is no secret that the global COVID-19 pandemic is harming the world’s economy.  An unfortunate side effect of economic hardship is the rise in financial and workplace fraud

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KeySign discusses smart cards and the eSignature landscape

Posted by Stefan Claeys on Jul 20, 2021 10:49:25 AM

This guest post from the Ascertia partner community comes courtesy of Stefan Claeys, Managing Partner at KeySign. This blog discusses the eSignature landscape, smart cards and remote signing.

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Become a SigningHub expert – 10 tips to work faster and smarter

Posted by Riaan De Villiers on Jun 29, 2021 10:08:49 AM

Ascertia provides an integrated solution for PKI and digital signature trust service components. Organisations can safely manage digital identities across their corporate networks and migrate paper-intensive processes to the digital world by using Ascertia’s products to digitally sign on the desktop, mobile or via an automated server.

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Why the past year has demonstrated the huge benefits of digital signing & identity

Posted by Patrick Beckman Lapré on Jun 8, 2021 3:09:20 PM

We recently caught up with Patrick Beckman Lapré, Global Director Sales of Document Signing at Ascertia partner DigiCert to talk about the digitalisation of processes and the impact of eIDAS on the adoption of remote signing across Europe.

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Leveraging high-trust remote signing with Ascertia, LAWTrust & Entrust

Posted by Victoria Allen on Jun 4, 2021 11:37:23 AM

Our partner community is an integral part of Ascertia’s success and we value their expertise and industry insights. We hosted a webinar with two of our partners, LAWTrust and Entrust, about how the three organisations work together to provide high-trust remote signing solutions.

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SAVIS uses Ascertia to deliver digital government services

Posted by Victoria Allen on Nov 12, 2020 12:37:05 PM

SAVIS Technology Group, one of Vietnam’s leading IT companies, uses Ascertia’s services. Specifically, it utilises our Trust Services platform to secure the digital information of its enterprise and government department customers.

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