Catch Certificate relies on Ascertia for secure eSignature system

Posted by Victoria Allen on Nov 21, 2023 11:00:00 AM

Norwegian company Catch Certificate needed to develop a portal for electronic documents to be used when exporting wild-caught fish.

In our latest case study, find out why Catch Certificate chose Ascertia in 2009 and has remained a dedicated customer ever since.


Business need:

Norwegian exporters needed an online portal to create, sign and store electronic catch certificates used in the export of wild-caught fish from Norway, authenticated with an electronic signature before being sent to the importer and the import Authorities.

Norwegian Fishing Authorities decided to delegate the issuing role to the Norwegian sales organisations which established the company Catch Certificate SA.

It needed a potential solutions vendor to have all the necessary technology, with flexibility for years to come and at a price that made sense for the business. Ascertia came out as the leader after some diligent research.

“ADSS Server is at the core of our system and it’s been very important as Catch Certificate is a totally digital company. We are totally reliant on Ascertia.”

“The best thing about an Ascertia customer is that the solution is very flexible and stable, and it’s easy to integrate with. We have used it as the base of our entire company actually. It’s easy for us at Catch Certificate to communicate with the staff at Ascertia and if we need help, we can easily get it.”

Rune Wiborg, Technical Advisor for Catch Certificate


Catch Certificate uses several Ascertia products and technology to operate, including building its own version of SigningHub.

In 2010, it worked with 250 export companies and around 1,000 signing users. It needed a portal to handle the production and signing of approximately 40,000 certificates per year. In 2017, an expansion meant approximately 250,000 landing notes per annum needed to be handled for the five sales organisations that own the portal.

The Directory of Fisheries in Norway is the control authority for the landing and sales notes and, in 2018, it agreed to use Catch Certificate’s portal for the documents. As a result, Catch Certificate created its own version of SigningHub named CatchSign – it did so on top of Ascertia’s ADSS Server. Since 2019, all landing documents for all wild-caught fish in Norway have been signed using this exact system.

Fast forward to today, approximately 7,000 users – both domestically and internationally - utilise the system to sign 300,000 documents annually. Catch Certificate has worked with Ascertia to create, maintain and scale systems since 2009, and has no plans for that to change.

For more insights into Catch Certificate's fruitful partnership with Ascertia, watch our dedicated video.


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