CREAplus: Digital trust with Hardware Security Modules

Posted by Julianna Pihlar on May 10, 2023 11:00:00 AM

Ascertia partner CREAplus discusses Qualified Trust Service Providers and eIDAS

CREAplus is an independent value-added distributor based in Slovenia. The Ascertia partner delivers solutions and services to high-trust organisations in the private and public sectors.

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In this blog, Julianna Pihlar, CREAplus Director of Sales and Marketing, speaks with the Ascertia team about Hardware Security Modules, remote signing and the role of Qualified Trust Service Providers.

What is a Hardware Security Module (HSM)?

That’s a question business leaders unfamiliar with IT security protocols often ask.

A Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a cryptographic device. These devices generate and securely store cryptographic material.

Hardware Security Modules are at the core of IT infrastructure security. They handle cryptographic operations efficiently within the security boundaries of the hardware.

How do Hardware Security Modules enable digital signatures?

HSMs are vital to the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). They support the secure maintenance of cryptographic material and digital certificates, ensuring the integrity and accountability of digitally signed documents.

What role do Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSPs) play in qualified electronic signing?

eIDAS is standardising processes in the digital signature world.

The regulation has a directory containing up-to-date information about Trust Service Providers with eIDAS qualified status known as the “EU Trusted List”.

QTSPs on this trusted list can provide qualified services, including qualified eSignatures, timestamps and eSeals.

The EU Trusted List also provides companies with trusted partners to deliver services they might have previously set up internally. Companies can rely on the ecosystem of Trust Service Providers and Qualified Trust Service Providers to offer solutions that comply with eIDAS regulations.

CREAplus partners with QTSPs on the EU Trusted List when delivering digital signature solutions. Being on this list gives customers peace of mind that a partner is trustworthy and that their business and data are secure.

What is the importance of digital trust when conducting digital business?

Digital trust is the cornerstone of modern-day business. If you want to conduct business electronically, you must look for partners with accredited and compliant solutions.

Companies should choose a partner who is present in the market, is certified and is listed on the EU Trusted List.

Businesses can purchase all their products and services online, so trust is the main differentiator between competitors.

When looking for digital signing solutions, you want to ensure that potential partners comply with regulatory requirements and that they will be trustworthy partners for your business.

How do Utimaco, CREAplus and Ascertia work together?

Several of our QTSP customers benefit from the products and services we offer together.

We mainly provide the Ascertia ADSS SAM Appliance to QTSPs, as it contains several elements, including an HSM from Utimaco. CREAplus then expertly delivers this product to global QTSPs.

Our team understands both devices and how to implement them correctly within a trust solution.

A certified, accredited solution for remote digital signing is required to help enable customer compliance with regulatory requirements. Implementing a remote digital solution using Ascertia’s SAM Appliance combined with CREAplus’ expertise benefits our customers. We are moving forward together, achieving new opportunities.

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