CREAplus leverages Ascertia's solutions to ensure e-business security

Posted by Victoria Allen on Feb 9, 2022 2:36:24 PM

CREAplus leverages Ascertia's solutions to deliver a comprehensive package to their customers.

CREAplus is an independent value-added distributor based in Slovenia, delivering solutions and services to high-trust organisations in both the private and public sector.

Through the synergy of extensive experience, knowledge, and Ascertia's vast product portfolio, CREAplus successfully assists their customers through digital transformation and ensures e-business security.

Ascertia’s ADSS SAM appliance remote signature services have replaced conventional processes, optimised costs, and offer a streamlined approach that enables bulk signing and external user access to CREAplus’ customers.

Julianna Pihlar, Director of Sales of Marketing, commented on the partnership:


“Our main goal has always been professionally helping our partners and customers in securing their digital businesses and assisting them with a successful digital transformation […] Providing the necessary security and compliance in our relationship with Ascertia was a natural evolution."

Watch the video to understand how CREAplus has benefitted from Ascertia's product portfolio, and specifically, how CREAplus conduct electronic business in a secure and compliant manner.