Ascertia & CREAplus deliver high-trust solutions to EU TSPs

Posted by Victoria Allen on Apr 9, 2020 9:28:09 AM

Headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia, CREAplus delivers solutions and services to high-trust organisations in both the private and public sector.

The company counts many EU Qualified Trust Service Providers as customers that require eIDAS-compliant Qualified Signature Creation Devices (QSCDs) containing a certified Hardware Security Module (HSM) to provide Remote Qualified Signatures.

Selection process:

CREAplus's main objective was to provide its customers with a robust, high-trust solution complying with eIDAS regulations.

The team wanted a flexible, proactive partner. As an existing partner of the leading HSM manufacturer, Ultimaco, Ascertia was an ideal choice.

CREAplus can utilise its expert knowledge of the hardware component (Ultimaco's CryptoServer CPS HSM), used as part of Ascertia's ADSS SAM Appliance, to provide technical assistance and support - from initial installation to ongoing maintenance.


CREAplus's customers rely on a certified element necessary for setting up a complete certified environment for issuing remote digital signatures.

As Ascertia's ADSS SAM Appliance is a Common Criteria EAL4+ certified product (EN 419 241-2 Protection Profile), CREAplus can offer a solution that provides eIDAS-compliant Qualified Remote Signatures to its customers.

As an Ascertia partner, CREAplus adds additional value through the implementation and configuration of the ADSS SAM Appliance. This partnership ensures customers chieve their desired compliance level, as well as a smooth integration and a continuous reliable operation.

“We have a successful partnership with Ascertia, providing the best-in-class solution with its ADSS SAM Appliance to ensure high-trust, high availability services. We always engage with like-minded partners and this is why it is so easy for us to work together - because we believe in the same values and are both agile, flexible companies who strive to deliver the best service to customers.”

Mitja Trampuž, Managing Director at CREAplus


Through CREAplus and Ascertia's partnership, customers can benefit from a certified, high-trust signing solution, enhanced product delivery services, tailored technical support and an exceptional user experience.

With this partnership, CREAplus has worked with Ascertia to provide a valuable and seamless high-trust offering and extended its customer reach as a result.

Contact our team to learn more about how Ascertia's ADSS Server - SAM Appliance helps deliver high-trust digital signing solutions.