Ascertia’s technology is now used by leading companies TietoEVRY and Buypass to provide Europe with electronic signatures

Posted by Victoria Allen on Nov 9, 2021 10:05:58 AM
Nordic collaboration ensures secure signatures throughout Europe

In Europe there is now a huge increase in demand for protecting business documents with state of the art security technologies and the ability to sign them remotely in a way which is legally compliant with the different nations.

Buypass is a Norwegian company located in Oslo, specialising in digital identity and payment solutions. They are also a strong promoter of technologies such as e-seals and eIDAS-compliant signatures. For over 20 years, Buypass has been a supplier to businesses, the public sector and citizens, complying with the strictest security requirements in the region.

As a QTSP with full AATL and EUTL certification, Buypass has utilised the Cloud Signature Consortium protocol to provide qualified electronic seals-as-a-service, removing the need for end customers to have their own HSMs (hardware security module),

Ascertia’s partner community is an integral part of Ascertia’s continued success. This is demonstrated by our collaboration on this project with long-standing partner TietoEVRY, which previously integrated SigningHub into its technology stack.

Using Ascertia technology, TietoEVRY’s “Sign” delivers digital signatures in basic, advanced or EU qualified signature formats, along with detailed workflow evidence reports that are digitally signed to ensure data integrity and non-repudiation.

Thanks to the range of deployment options available for Ascertia's SigningHub, TietoEVRY can confidently provide a complete solution for qualified electronic signatures in Europe that is fully compliant with the latest e-signature regulations.

The company also aims to focus in on identity authentication with existing eID capabilities that enables instant qualified electronic signatures without prior user enrolment.

Find out more about our digital signature solution together here.

"Ascertia and Buypass are members of the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC). CSC has created a standard API which integrates the essential components of a remote signature solution among different service providers and consumers. This enables TietoEVRY’s “Sign” to provide solutions that comply with CSC standards for remote signing, providing eIDAS compliant qualified signatures in Europe."

Pasi Hautamäki, Senior Business Developer, TietoEVRY

"To meet a rising demand for qualified trust services accessible from cloud applications, Buypass Cloud Signature Service is now integrated with TietoEVRY’s Sign, backed by Ascertia technology, to offer a secure, flexible and scalable signing solution for qualified electronic signatures and seals that shall always be accepted.”

Bjørn Annaniassen, Sales Manager, Buypass