Tieto gains high-trust, compliance-focused signing with Ascertia’s SigningHub

Posted by Victoria Allen on Jan 15, 2020 3:03:03 PM

Leading Nordic software and services company Tieto was searching for a global provider of high-trust e-security solutions.

In our latest case study, discover how Ascertia stood out over other signing solution vendors for numerous reasons, including:

  • A reputation for high-trust signatures
  • Knowledgeable team
  • Security credentials
  • It's ADSS SAM Appliance Common Criteria EAL4+ EN 419 241-2 certification

Business need:

Tieto needed an end-to-end eSignature and document approval solution that would enable employees to prepare, send, review, sign and track documents from anywhere in the world and on any device.

An excellent user experience was another core requirement, along with open APIs to enable seamless integrations and out-of-the-box connections to the company's infrastructure.

Another crucial element for the solution was compliance with the latest eSignature regulations, including EU eIDAS. With a strong focus on digital signatures, timestamping, OCSP validation and PKI modules, Ascertia fulfilled all Tieto's requirements.

Selection process:

Tieto compared various signing solution vendors already present in public and private organisations, governments, banks and other financial institutions.

The company wanted a vendor that didn't lock-in customers and one with a strong focus on compliance with the latest standards and regulations.

Tieto chose Ascertia because of its reputation for high-trust signatures and security. It was also impressed that Ascertia had already embarked on the Common Criteria EAL4+ evaluation process against the standard EN 419 241-2 for its ADSS SAM Appliance.

Ascertia's Common Criteria certification made it the first company in the world to pass the evaluation process and to offer eIDAS-compliant Remote Qualified Signatures.

“Ascertia´s proven technology, whether cloud-based or on-premise, and enterprise-class document e-signing enables our customers to easily upload, send, review and securely e-sign documents from any device, anywhere. It’s great to work with a global company with an extensive network of partners supporting a broad customer base. Ascertia’s understanding of legal aspects in different countries and regulations has been invaluable.”

Pasi Hautamäki, Senior Business Developer, Tieto


Tieto utilises Ascertia's SigningHub and the ADSS SAM Appliance to deliver a robust signing workflow. Digital signatures are available in basic, advanced or EU qualified signature formats. Detailed workflow evidence reports are also digitally signed to ensure data integrity and help with non-repudiation.

Significant time savings, streamlined business processes and full signing workflow control are just some of the benefits Tieto customers enjoy.

With Ascertia's solutions, Tieto complies with the latest eSignature regulations, including EU eIDAS. It has operability with multiple applications (e.g. Salesforce, Office365, etc) via Ascertia's extensive RESTful API.

As Ascertia's solutions are fully standards-based for digital signatures (ISO 32000, ISO19500, ETSI PAdES, XAdES and CAdES), this provides non-repudiation of the signer's identity. This process ensures signed documents can be independently verified by any ISO standard PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader - as the signature details are stored inside the document itself.

Long-term signature capabilities are based on the latest ETSI PAdES specifications and support for Long Term Validation (LTV) by using embedded secure timestamps to independently prove the time of signing and the signer's status at time of signing. The enables document verification long into the future.



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