Partner case study: Certinet utilises Ascertia solutions for multiple banking and integration projects

Posted by Victoria Allen on Sep 20, 2019 10:23:21 AM

Certinet, based in Chile, has been a longstanding Ascertia partner and has a successful track record in delivering high profile projects. Certinet was also one of the first partners to integrate Ascertia solutions with SAP.

Many of Certinet’s customers operate in the banking and finance industry and require high-trust digital signing solutions. Certinet is able to offer Ascertia's SigningHub and ADSS Server solutions to its Latin American customers with Spanish language support.

“The main issue in Latin America is support in Spanish and Ascertia technology is able to provide that... With Ascertia’s technology we can create better applications for improving the business in the market.”

Roberto Riveros, CEO at Certinet

Discover how Certinet and Ascertia work together to provide great solutions to the banking industry in Latin America: