TreeHouse Consultancy & Ascertia help achieve digital transformation

Posted by Victoria Allen on Jun 15, 2021 2:04:39 PM

In our latest case study, we spoke with TreeHouse Consultancy about how SigningHub helps deliver digital transformations for its customers.

Who is TreeHouse Consultancy?

TreeHouse Consultancy is an information technology solutions company that provides high-end IT solutions for the individual needs of its customers, in both the public and private sectors.

Business need:

The company sought out a high-trust eSignature provider to further build on their range of IT automation solutions and chose Ascertia for its Microsoft integrations and interoperability.

The partnership enables TreeHouse Consultancy to offer Ascertia SigningHub’s eSignature service as part of their custom offering of IT automation solutions.

Selection process:

As a local partner in the United Arab of Emirates (UAE), TreeHouse Consultancy offers Ascertia SigningHub as its exclusive eSignature solution. SigningHub is included in many of TreeHouse Consultancy’s automation offerings including:

  • Purchase order and invoicing automation process built on SharePoint integration with SigningHub for approvals, as well as internal and external user's digital signatures.

  • Document management system (DMS) - SigningHub integrated with the DMS, so that a fully digital and automated solution can be provided with digital signing functionality.

  • Project Online (PWA) - Integrated solution with PWA, to manage and maintain all the documents and signoffs related to any project within one digital platform.

  • Microsoft Teams integration - We're currently working on the integration with MS Teams and a connector will be available soon to offer seamless integration.

SharePoint implementations are a speciality of TreeHouse Consultancy and SigningHub for SharePoint and other Microsoft SigningHub connector apps mean Ascertia's SigningHub works seamlessly alongside other automation solutions. It provides a complete automation offering to TreeHouse Consultancy's customers.


TreeHouse Consultancy is able to provide eSignatures and digital certificates as part of its IT automation solutions. Ascertia SigningHub completes the automation and digital transformation package for TreeHouse Consultancy’s customers and SigningHub’s Microsoft integrations including SharePoint, Outlook and Word enable TreeHouse Consultancy to make it compatible and easy to use alongside Microsoft solutions.

The technical team at TreeHouse Consultancy is working closely with Ascertia’s customer success team to introduce additional Microsoft integrations.

"Our customers were asking for eSignatures as part of their digital transformation journey. Our partnership with Ascertia means we can provide a high-trust solution that integrates with our other solution offerings seamlessly. The support team are a great asset and ensure we provide excellent customer service to our customers."

Muzaffar Jamil
CEO TreeHouse Consultancy