eID Forum: eSignatures, eIDAS and business benefits

Posted by Victoria Allen on Sep 28, 2018 3:18:16 PM

MD Rod Crook recently spoke at the eID Forum, Tallinn. Rod’s talk, Enabling business applications to take advantage of eIDAS Remote Signatures, discussed how signing solutions are beneficial to organisations and what features they should be looking for when purchasing a solution.

Rod Presenting eID


Business benefits: eSignatures and eIDAS

Organisational requirements for document management solutions are increasingly complex. They demand secure, flexible products that handle multiple business use cases without issues, that meet today’s standards and ensure investment protection in light of the new rules under eIDAS.

As a result, organisations should be looking for document workflow and signing solutions that can competently deliver functionality to meet these key requirements:

  • Data security and residency
  • User authentication
  • Effective roles and permissions
  • Standards compliance
  • Long-term signatures and verification
  • Deployment requirements
  • Workflow flexibility
  • Signature flexibility
  • Branding flexibility
  • The user experience
  • High trust PKI capabilities
  • Resilience and scalability

Customisable, flexible solutions are important. Signing solutions should provide a broad and flexible set of role controls to define access control. Branded URLs and certificates for customers to use are equally important as is the ability to use signing keys held locally, centrally or on mobile phones.

Rod also discussed document workflows and the many productivity benefits they can bring through bulk signing, document approval templates and email notifications for signers.

Streamlining business processes is always on the agenda, but it’s important to ensure that the signing solution you choose is compliant with the latest signing laws and regulations, including eIDAS.

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