Ascertia enables DigitalSign to offer remote signing

Posted by Victoria Allen on May 11, 2020 11:23:29 AM

DigitalSign is a trust service provider and long-term Ascertia partner based in Portugal, operating across Europe and Brazil. In this blog, we discuss how Ascertia's signature solutions have enabled DigitalSign to offer remote signing to its customers.

DigitalSign has been using Ascertia's signing solutions for over a decade. More recently, it's adopted Ascertia's remote signing solution to provide eIDAS-compliant remote signing to its customers.

Fernando Moreira, CEO at DigitalSign commented on the partnership:

"We could speak about the technical capabilities of Ascertia's solutions but what we most appreciate is the quick response not only from the technical team but also the sales team."

Watch the full case study to find how DigitalSign is offering remote signing to its customers in high-trust industries: