Ascertia helps Bangladesh computer council deliver e-signing

Posted by Victoria Allen on Feb 22, 2021 3:22:06 PM

The Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) is a government organisation and licensed Certificate Authority (CA) that is part of the country’s Digital Bangladesh initiative.

Business need:

As part of the digital transformation of the country, BCC searched for solutions that could provide electronic signature services for Bangladesh’s citizens as well as timestamping services for businesses and the government and it chose Ascertia's solutions. 

Selection process:

The BCC chose Ascertia's solution for their ease of use. It was an important factor to ensure e-signing was accessible for all citizens. Ascertia's solutions also adhered to the technical requirements the organisation was looking for.


Bangladesh Computer Council uses Ascertia's SigningHub and ADSS Server for eSignatures and ADSS Server TSA for timestamping.

SigningHub and ADSS Server provide secure, high-trust electronic signing services for e-Government and e-Business applications for citizens and businesses alike.

The ADSS Server TSA is compliant with Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFC 3161 and RF 5816 specification. They are the definitive standards for secure cryptographic timestamping to provide independent and irrefutable proof of time for transactions, documents and digital signatures.


The BCC is able to provide e-signing services to the populace, enabling them to securely sign documents from any device, anytime, anywher.

The timestamping capability of ADSS Server TSA independently proves when a digital signatures was applied by the signer. It ensures its validity can be verified in the long-term, even after expiry or revocation of the signer's digital credentials.

"Bangladesh is materialising the vision of Digital Bangladesh by adopting cutting-edge technologies to improve the economy of the nation.
"SigningHub has been chosen as the first use case of e-signing to provide a platform to citizens and businesses for signing documents electronically from any device at any time. We are also using ADSS Server TSA to provide timestamping services to the government and businesses.
"We found Ascertia's solutions easy to deploy and found its public key infrastructure (PKI) stack and PKI-related products comprehensive, with its customer support available for any queries we have."

Tarique M. Barkatullah, Director CA Operation & Security
Bangladesh Computer Council

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