Ascertia’s new Common Criteria EAL4+ EN 419 241-2 certificate

Posted by Mike Hathaway on May 11, 2022 10:00:53 AM

Having been the first vendor globally to achieve Common Criteria EAL4+ EN 419 241-2 certification in 2019, Ascertia is delighted to announce that the latest version of the ADSS Server SAM Appliance - version 7 - has been successfully certified.

Ascertia’s new Common Criteria EAL4+ EN 419 241-2 certificate

Common Criteria EAL4_ EN 419 241-2 update:

This update enables many great new features and functionality including:

  • The ability to work with the EN 419221-5 Common Criteria EAL4+ certified HSMs from Entrust, Thales and Utimaco, providing the ultimate choice for our expanding TSP customers.

  • New IDP/IAM key authentication/authorisation interfaces including SAML and OpenID Connect to strictly control all aspects of key generation and usage, allowing flexibility when implementing a remote signing solution.

  • Enhanced support for eSeals where keys can be loaded into the HSM until the Signature Activation Data (SAD) provided by the owner expires or until the signature count configured in the SAM profile is reached, adding to remote eSealing performance and supporting other use cases.

  • In addition to supporting eSeals authorised using Sole Control Assurance Level 2 (SCAL 2), there is now support for producing signatures and eSeals using Sole Control Assurance Level 1, which means that service providers can offer remote signing services at different assurance levels to meet different business needs.

  • Setting of maximum number of devices a user can use to authorise remote signing operations, adding to security requirements and usage.

Read the full release notes here.

The latest version of the ADSS Server SAM (Signature Activation Module) Appliance is listed as a certified product on the Common Criteria website (under Products for Digital Signatures).

It proves that an independent evaluation laboratory tested the latest version of ADSS Server SAM Appliance and confirmed its compliance against the eIDAS standard for remote Qualified Signatures, i.e. EN 419 241-2. This represents the highest-level of trust in a remote Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD).

Our Common Criteria EAL4+ evaluation of ADSS Server SAM Appliance was conducted under the IT Security Certification Body of Italy (known as OCSI, Organismo di Certificazione della Sicurezza Informatica).

If you are interested in finding out more about the ADSS Server - SAM Appliance get in touch.