Ascertia’s e-signature offering provides value to ADACOM’s finance customers

Posted by Victoria Allen on Mar 3, 2020 1:49:34 PM

Security integrator and trust service provider ADACOM was looking for a robust solution that could add value to their offering, and enable customers to utilise electronic signatures via ADACOM’s workflow platform or for their own in-house deployments.

Since the partnership began a few years ago, ADACOM has adopted many of Ascertia’s product offering including the ADSS Signing Server and SigningHub.

Panos Vassiliadis, Managing Director at ADACOM, commented on the partnership: “With the spread of electronic signature usage in several market segments, we see a very big need for remote signing, especially in the finance market. We personally believe that Ascertia’s offering can add a lot of value to this market.”

Watch the full case study to find out how the partnership has benefitted ADACOM’s business operations and disrupted the finance market.


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