With Ascertia, DigiCert + QuoVadis becomes the first QTSP to deliver eIDAS certified Qualified Remote Signing with Level 2 Sole Control

Posted by Mike Hathaway on Dec 2, 2019 7:53:53 AM

Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSPs) work with customers in high-trust industries that require eIDAS certified Qualified Signatures.

In our latest case study, we look at how DigiCert + QuoVadis, a long-standing Ascertia partner, utilised the ADSS SAM Appliance to offer its customers certified, eIDAS-compliant Remote Qualified eSignatures.

Ascertia’s ADSS SAM Appliance is the first Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD) to be Common Criteria EN 419 241-2 certified. 

Business need:

Many of DigiCert + QuoVadis' customers work in high-trust industries, such as banking and government. These high trust industries required eIDAS-certified Qualified Signatures (QES).

Facing the latest eIDAS regulations for Qualified Remote Signatures, DigiCert + QuoVadis needed an eSignature soltuion that would generate Remote Qualified Electronic Signatures.

Selection process:

The latest eIDAS regulations meant DigiCert + QuoVadis had to implement a certified QSCD which contained a certified Hardware Security Module (HSM).

The Ascertia ADSS SAM Appliance met this requirement, being the first QSCD to be Common Criteria EN 419 241-2 certified to enable Qualified Remote Signing. ADSS Server - SAM Appliance utilises Ultimaco's CP5 HSM for cyrptographic processing and key management. It has been certified under Common Criteria EAL4+ Protection Profile EN 419 221-5. This certification was the key differentiator for DigiCert + QuoVadis.


Ascertia's SigningHub is the solution of choice for DigiCert + QuoVadis. It enables their customers that require high-trust, eIDAS-certified Remote Qualified Signatures to meet compliance obligations.

With Remote Qualified Signatures specifically, DigiCert + QuoVadis hosts the ADSS SAM Appliance within its approved Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) back-end. It offers 'hybrid' solutions to its customers. Clients can control their own SigningHub instances on-premise with the signing requests being sent to DigiCert + QuaVadis - where they manage their customers' keys and certificates.


DigiCert + QuoVadis was the world's first QTSP to utilise Ascertia's ADSS SAM Appliance to provide customers with eIDAS-certified Remote Qualified Signing.

This industry-leading solution marks another milestone in Ascertia and DigiCert + QuoVadis' strong partnership. It ensures customers can easily meet their regulatory obligations.

Discover how Ascertia's ADSS Server - SAM Appliance can help your business deliver Remote Qualified Signatures by contacting our team.