What is Sovereign Cloud?

Posted by Pasi Hautamäki on Jun 14, 2023 11:45:00 AM

Pasi Hautamäki, Senior Business Developer at tietoevry, speaks on the role a sovereign cloud can play in digital trust and why it may be necessary for security.

Sovereign cloud is a type of cloud architecture enabling compliance with relevant digital sovereignty requirements and regulations. The rise of AI, 5G and other data-heavy technologies have led to discussions around the need for digital and data sovereignty.

Utilising Ascertia’s SigningHub, 360° Sign provides a unified, protected method of e-signing for users who are looking to significantly reduce the friction with handling documents requiring secure e-signatures. A unified signing approach provides the option of both local and remote signing for users, depending on their requirements.

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This service is part of tietoevry’s sovereign cloud solution, a smart data storage solution that protects users against the changing geopolitical landscape and new regulations. But why is sovereign cloud necessary?

Put simply, it allows users to retain ownership, trust and control over their data. As cloud data centres grow in use, so too do regulations such as the US Cloud Act that conflict with the European Union’s rulings on cloud. It’s never been more important you are sure of your storage solutions.

A sovereign cloud ensures that all data, including metadata, stays on sovereign soil and prevents foreign access - regardless of circumstance. It should be part of a multi-cloud strategy, though it requires an understanding that not all data – nor cloud solution – is the same. Each cloud has its own value proposition, and organisations should plan their cloud strategy accordingly.

Sovereign Cloud protects and empowers users, offering:

  • Data access and integrity
  • Data innovation and analytics
  • Certified data security and compliance
  • Cloud disaster prevention and recovery

In its own words, tietoevry’s sovereign cloud service offers the following benefits:

“Tietoevry multi-cloud infrastructure allows businesses and organisations to keep up to date and on top of evolving data regulations, driving new insights, efficiencies, and innovation, and providing the advantage companies need to thrive in a competitive digital economy.”

In July 2022, Gartner® Market Guide for Speciality Cloud Providers identified tietoevry as an Example Regional Cloud Provider in Europe. With the growing amount of sovereign cloud initiatives in the region, this acknowledgement strengthens the fact that it offers a secure data storage solution that protects digital sovereignty.

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