What is G-Cloud and its benefits?

Posted by Adrian Walker on May 20, 2021 10:30:00 AM

Launched in 2012, the G-Cloud framework has revolutionised how public sector departments access innovative IT solutions.

By providing the UK Government with the ability to procure services from approved cloud-based suppliers, IT costs have been driven down and efficiency increased. 

G-Cloud and its Benefits

With so many cutting-edge solutions available on the marketplace, it’s hardly surprising that recent figures show that procurement through G-Cloud has reached £8.6bn.

Why is G-Cloud important?

As with all businesses, the public sector and government organisations are on the path to digital transformation. Both central and local governments have objectives that every project and solution must meet, from ensuring the cost savings are made where possible to improving the sustainability of business processes.

Cloud technologies help to meet these objectives. Making the switch to digital solutions reduces environmental impact with reduced paper use, cuts costs and saves time – benefits that all businesses are looking to achieve.

The UK government needs easy access to these services and solutions to deliver public services in our digital age.

G-Cloud’s digital marketplace provides this access and unlocks the benefits of cloud technology.

It provides public sector organisations a simpler way of purchasing and managing IT. By opening up new markets for suppliers, this also fuels growth in the private sector. And let’s not forget the boost to productivity that cloud solutions deliver to end-users.

At Ascertia, we recognise the positive impact that the cloud is having on both public and private sector businesses.

As well as being named as a supplier on the G-Cloud 12 framework, we work directly with governments and public authorities across the world, securing their document approval processes with a high-trust eSignature solution. This is further enhanced through our partnership with Advice Cloud.

G-Cloud is constantly evolving, but its success to date shows there is a real appetite within the public sector for digital technologies that can transform workflows and improve how departments operate.

Ascertia has assisted with numerous G-Cloud opportunities across local and central government. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how we help this sector.