SigningHub 8.2 release

Posted by Mike Hathaway on Jun 17, 2022 3:02:00 PM

On 10th June Ascertia announced the SigningHub 8.2 release. This release is available on the Ascertia Community for download and if you are not already registered for the Ascertia Community please request access from your account team.

SigningHub 8.2 Release

SigningHub 8.2 release developments

SigningHub 8.2 is a major product release containing important features for all Ascertia customers and partners. These include:


  • Support for data archiving
    Administrators can now archive user data, including profile information, documents, document logs and evidence reports for dormant accounts, from SigningHub to disk. Exported archive data is stored in signed Associated Signature Containers (ASiC-E).

  • One-time Passwords (OTP) via email
    Administrators can now configure multiple methods to send OTPs, enabling users to select the method they wish to receive OTP when authenticating to SigningHub, opening documents, and signing documents.

  • Customisable help links configuration
    Administrators can now configure custom help links for product documentation, enabling SigningHub operators to host customised versions of SigningHub documentation locally.

  • Downloadable help documentation
    Provide your SigningHub customers with a HTML package of administrator and user documentation. This can be hosted by a customer or partner locally and branded to meet their needs.

  • Core thread for removing activity logs
    Administrators can now enable the core thread to remove activity logs after a specified time. This enables customers and TSPs to automatically manage the size of the SigningHub database.

A full list of SigningHub 8.2 release features and enhancements can be found here

If you need upgrade assistance or help carrying out system health checks, talk to your Account Team about Premier Success Services.


Further announcements about the upcoming releases of ADSS Server and ADSS Web RA Server are coming soon.