North Yorkshire Council chooses Ascertia to streamline operations

Posted by Adrian Walker on Jan 23, 2024 9:15:16 AM

North Yorkshire Council, the authority which governs the English district of North Yorkshire, was looking to streamline processes and maximise cost efficiency.

After carefully considering options, the council chose Ascertia’s solutions – specifically SigningHub – to manage its document workflows while ensuring legal compliance.

North Yorkshire Council

Business need:

As a local government, North Yorkshire Council holds legal compliance and security at the utmost importance. Increasing operational efficiency – from document workflows to record-keeping – is always at the forefront of the decision-making process, too.

The council was looking to streamline its processes while maintaining compliance with its legal obligations and water-tight security. A solution that supported remote working and environmental sustainability was also considered.


North Yorkshire Council ultimately chose Ascertia due to our area of expertise: simple and secure digital signing.

It selected to use Ascertia’s SigningHub over other signing applications as its digital signature system to manage its document approval workflows, digital signing and document status tracking. As a result of choosing SigningHub, the council has received “stability and resilience” in turbulent times – namely the global pandemic and its transition to a unitary council in April 2023.

North Yorkshire Council noted that with local government reforms at play, there is scope for increased use of our solutions and products in the future – a testament to the Ascertia experience.

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