New HTML-based digital signature designer

Posted by Wahaj Khan on Oct 13, 2014 2:31:00 PM

We're delighted to announce the new HTML-based digital signature appearance designer.

The ADSS Server Signing Service can create PDF digital signatures or all common ETSI PAdES formats (PAdES Part 2,3,4) and it can also create and apply visible signature appearances where requested. While other digital signature approaches have quite limited signature appearance functionality, the ADSS Server Signing Service includes a sophisticated and yet easy to use signature appearance designer. This enables administrators to create visible signatures that are optimised for their business purpose.

Signature appearance elements such as Signer Name, Date/time, Signing Reason and others can be added with or without labels using selected fonts and colours and of course a hand signature image and company logo can also be configured. These appearances can be linked with any signing profile.

New HTML-based signature designer

This new feature within ADSS Server v4.7.7 uses an HTML based digital signature appearance designer and offers these advantages:

  • Easier and quicker to use than before.
  • Offers one click access to the digital signature appearance elements.
  • No longer Java Applet-based, simplifying system configuration and support.

This screenshot shows a signature appearance being edited in the digital signature appearance designer.

digital signature appearance designer


Some sample digital signature appearances are:

 sample digital signature appearancesample digital signature appearance

sample digital signature appearance

The new digital signature appearance designer will have a few more enhancements in future releases. For more details about the features and options see the ADSS Server Admin Guide.