MISA uses Ascertia’s SAM Appliance to digitally sign documents

Posted by Bindi Li on Jul 17, 2024 11:00:00 AM

MISA Vietnam Joint Stock Company is one of the leading providers of information technology solutions. It has 30 years of experience developing platforms, software and IT services.

Its solutions are used widely across numerous industries – trusted by over 250,000 enterprises, 20 countries, 70,000 governmental units and 3,500,000 households and individuals.

Over three years ago, in search of the ideal remote signing platform, MISA researched the many solutions available and landed on Ascertia’s ADSS Server SAM Appliance. This case study details why they chose our solutions.


Business need:

Vietnamese people’s most common method of digital signing is via a USB token. This method comes with a lot of disadvantages:

  • Easily damaged by external impacts
  • Dependent on physical devices
  • Only signs single documents, not multiple different documents at once
  • Cannot assign permissions to users
  • Difficulty with management and access

As a result, businesses and individuals alike would benefit from another digital signature solution that addresses these issues. Digital signing mitigates those risks, and so MISA sought out a signing solution provider.

Selection process:

The demand for digital signatures in Vietnam was (and still is) increasing as direct transactions gradually shifted to electronic forms. MISA aimed to capitalize on this digital transformation. MISA conducted global research to find the solution provider that could offer exactly what it needed. After careful inspection and consideration, the corporation selected ADSS Server SAM Appliance for its digital signature offering.

Meeting the remote signing standards of the EU, as well as the technical regulations for remote signing in Vietnam, MISA knew Ascertia’s services would provide regulatory peace of mind. It also needed a service that would integrate into its MISA eSign platform, and ADSS Server SAM Appliance worked seamlessly with active support from Ascertia. The final piece of the puzzle was security and quality – two elements that Ascertia ensures across all of its products and services. MISA chose Ascertia as it covered all bases.


MISA chose Ascertia as its service provider to power its mission of delivering more secure and efficient digital signing across Vietnam. It provides numerous solutions that require digital signatures, such as:

  • MISA AMIS – the most popular unified business management platform with management solutions: accounting management software, human resources software, sale marketing management software, digital workplace management software, and more
  • MISA SME – accounting software for SMEs
  • MISA eSign – digital signature service
  • MISA meInvoice – electronic invoicing software
  • MISA AMIS WeSign – digital documentation signature solution

MISA integrated Ascertia’s ADSS Server SAM Appliance into its product ecosystem to simplify signing. This helps its customers increase their productivity and save on costs with high security, which, in turn, gives MISA and its clients a significant competitive advantage.

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