Understanding Cloud Signature Consortium v2.0 API

Posted by Mike Hathaway on Apr 10, 2024 10:00:00 AM

Digital trust is the foundation of modern-day business. Ensuring the security and reliability of electronic document signing has become a critical concern. The Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC), the industry and regulators are working to build a secure foundation for digital business. But what is CSC 2 (V2.0 API Specification)?

In this blog, we discuss the latest CSC API purpose and function, as well as its relationship with the eIDAS 2 regulation. Additionally, we will explore how Ascertia contributes to this rapidly evolving landscape.


What is the Cloud Signature Consortium?

Established in 2017, the CSC is a global alliance committed to digital security and trust. The CSC includes:

  • Industry leaders
  • Government representatives
  • Academic institutions

The Cloud Signature Consortium champions standardising highly secure and compliant digital signatures in cloud environments. The CSC aims to simplify how EU businesses and governments comply with the EU’s eIDAS Regulation.

The CSC’s common technical specification promotes solution interoperability, streamlines electronic signature compliance and paves the way for widespread cloud-based digital signature adoption.

How does the Cloud Signature Consortium work?

The CSC delivers a standardised Application Programming Interface (API). It acts as a bridge between digital signing applications and signing services. This API facilitates seamless integration without the need for extensive customisation or development.

What is CSC 2?

The CSC is constantly updating its API specification. V2.0 API Specification signifies a leap forward in functionality. Here are some of the key enhancements:

  • Support for short-lived signing credentials. This caters to scenarios where users only need to sign a single document, such as:
    • Tax returns
    • Health declarations
    • Loan applications
  • Document handling flexibility. Cloud Signature Consortium 2 empowers businesses by giving them the ability to send entire documents, alongside document hashes, to a CSC-enabled signing server.

    While convenient, it is important to consider the potential server overload with large documents. Service providers should establish appropriate service level agreements and implement size limitations to ensure continuity.

  • Electronic seals eIDAS defines two signing concepts: electronic signatures for individuals and electronic seals for legal entities. Electronic seals are ideal for automated processes involving large volumes of documents, typically sent in bulk.

    CSC 2 incorporates various methods for accessing the CSC API, removing the need for frequent human intervention. This makes it perfect for high-volume electronic seal applications.

How do CSC 2 and eIDAS 2 work together?

The European Union established its Regulation on Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS) in 2014. It has been instrumental in encouraging a predictable framework for secure electronic signatures throughout Europe.

Innovation and technology are thriving, and user demands are evolving. Because of this, eIDAS also needs to change. eIDAS 2 addresses shortcomings in the original regulation, such as limited cross-border compatibility and a fragmented user experience.

One of eIDAS 2’s key objectives is the creation of a single European Digital Identity Wallet (EDIW). This wallet will empower citizens with a secure, standardised way to store and share their digital identities. It works across various online services, both public and private.

For this to work, the digital ecosystem must operate seamlessly – and secure, compatible digital signatures play a significant role. This is where CSC can help.

CSC 2 provides a standardised API that bridges the gap between signing applications and signing services. It guarantees effortless integration across different platforms.

This aligns perfectly with the vision of eIDAS 2. It ensures a future where we can universally recognise and access secure digital signatures within the EDIW framework.

CSC 2 helps simplify cross-border transactions and enhances the user experience. It provides a familiar and consistent signing process regardless of location or service provider. In essence, it acts as a critical building block for eIDAS 2’s success. CSC 2’s focus on consistency and user experience enables a more secure, streamlined digital identity ecosystem throughout Europe.

What role does Ascertia play in CSC 2?

As a member of the Cloud Signature Consortium, we are committed to digital trust and secure electronic signatures. The CSC is a forward-thinking initiative establishing a universal standard for secure cloud-based digital signatures.

Our commitment to the CSC ensures our products deliver robust and streamlined digital signatures. Ascertia’s products meet the evolving needs of modern-day businesses by providing:

  • CSC-compliant products – Ascertia’s ADSS Server and SigningHub fully support the CSC Specification.
  • Seamless integration for Trust Service Providers – ADSS Server exposes a CSC server interface. It allows TSPs to integrate it into their trust centres easily. This ensures smooth communication with CSC-compliant external applications.
  • Choice and flexibility – Our SigningHub platform is a fully compliant CSC client. TSPs can leverage a SigningHub instance to connect with global CSC-compliant signing providers. This offers ultimate choice and flexibility for their customers.
  • Empowering businesses – Enterprises can use SigningHub within their data centres. Businesses can utilise digital signatures seamlessly by connecting to CSC-compliant remote signing service providers worldwide.

Unlock the future of secure digital signatures with Ascertia

CSC 2 and eIDAS 2.0 pave the way for a future of secure and trusted digital transactions. Ascertia is a leader in this evolution. We provide businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the digital era.

Partner with Ascertia to:

  • Leverage CSC-compliant digital signature solutions that are future-proof and work together
  • Simplify cross-border transactions and enhance user experience
  • Ensure the security and reliability of your electronic documents

Contact our team today to discuss your specific needs and explore how Ascertia’s solutions can empower your business.