Business application integrations: Simplify your workflows

Posted by Mike Hathaway on Jun 25, 2024 8:59:53 AM

Imagine a workplace where people navigate tasks effortlessly, context and application switching ceases, data transfers become invisible, and productivity flows.

Ascertia makes this vision a reality through our business application integrations. Our innovative products and services seamlessly connect with your current applications, stopping tedious tasks, boosting efficiency and eliminating friction.

Enable seamless document signing via business application integration and learn how Ascertia helps achieve this.

The frustration of disjointed systems and users

Siloed business applications pose significant challenges for organisations.

Juggling multiple platforms, exporting and importing data, and navigating complex interfaces frustrate people. This increases the risk of errors and the overhead of additional training. Each application becomes an island, hindering workflow and introducing friction.

Consider this common scenario: working on a contract within your CRM.

Completing the process often involves:

  • Creating the document within a CRM, such as Salesforce
  • Exporting the document for signing on a separate platform
  • Importing it back into your CRM for further action

This cumbersome approach consumes time and introduces potential errors.

Bridging the gaps between your business applications

Ascertia understands these challenges and believes an engaging user experience creates empowered teams. Consider the following:

Effortless contract creation and secure electronic signatures

Eliminate file exports, platform switching, moving data between applications, and data duplication. Ascertia’s business application integrations enable you to create and finalise contracts directly within existing CRM environments. This streamlines the entire process and eliminates unnecessary manual tasks and reduces the risk of files being left exposed on system file shares.

Streamlined quote and purchase order generation

Manual quote generation in disparate applications hinders sales efficiency and increases the risk of data discrepancies. Ascertia’s solutions help people generate accurate quotes and purchase orders directly from your sales application. This increases efficiency while ensuring data consistency and integrity.

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) completed with ease

Quickly and securely completing crucial business documents, such as NDAs, is vital. Business application integrations eradicate the need to switch platforms to complete these agreements. This allows organisations to create, review, and send documents for signing securely, all within their existing infrastructure. It saves valuable time, minimises disruption, and ensures non-repudiation when using Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signatures (AES and QES).

This is just a glimpse into Ascertia’s integration solutions. By optimising efficiency through friction reduction and task automation, you unlock your team's full potential.

Measurable value beyond convenience

While a seamless user experience is certainly valuable, Ascertia’s business application integrations deliver tangible benefits that extend beyond convenience. They impact your bottom line through enhanced data security, improved accuracy, and optimised efficiency.


Unleashing productivity

Providing your teams with an integrated system enables faster, more productive workstreams. It also reduces the risk of data corruption or breaches. Ascertia’s integrations utilise robust security protocols safeguarding sensitive information throughout the workflow. This empowers users to complete tasks faster and with greater focus, maximising overall output and productivity.

Unwavering accuracy and compliance

Switching between applications inherently increases the risks associated with manual data entry. It also increases the potential for non-compliance due to siloed information. Ascertia’s solutions seamlessly transfer data between existing applications and provide in-app visibility on the status of documents that are being signed, together with updates and notifications.

This ensures:

  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Data integrity
  • Compliance across processes

This, in turn, reduces rework, costly errors, and regulatory concerns, boosting overall efficiency and peace of mind.

Engaged users, thriving business

People prefer to work efficiently within applications they’re familiar with. That’s a fact. This then fosters confidence and boosts the adoption of new technologies. In turn, it increases employee resilience and overall satisfaction.

Ascertia’s business application integrations contribute to improving and maintaining positive user experiences, improving engagement and driving overall business success.

Streamlined processes, optimise operations, and enhanced security

Break down bottlenecks and speed up critical work while maintaining robust security measures. Our business application integrations:

  • Eliminate unnecessary, manual tasks
  • Optimise business operations for maximum efficiency
  • Protect sensitive data throughout the process

In this way, your team can focus on strategic initiatives. They know they can complete critical objectives quickly, accurately, and securely.

Ascertia goes beyond simply connecting your applications. We bridge the gaps while safeguarding your data and streamlining your operations for a truly secure and thriving business.

Digital security as a top priority

Digital trust and security are our top priority. We understand your commitment to ensuring data privacy, security, and the need to protect intellectual property.

Ascertia built its business application integrations with robust security measures to protect sensitive information throughout processes. We adhere to industry-leading compliance standards and employ best practices to safeguard your data.

Unified business ecosystems with business application integrations

Ascertia recognises that every business has unique needs and challenges. We take a collaborative approach to business application integrations, working with you to identify the solutions that address your critical pain points.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) matures, integrating Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signatures (AES and QES) and eSeals will be paramount for seamless workflows and secure transactions.

Ascertia’s meticulous approach to seamless integration, leveraging AES and digital trust, consists of:

  • Identifying essential integrations Ascertia thoroughly analyses your business processes and applications. This pinpoints where integrations can deliver the most significant impact. We identify opportunities to integrate electronic and digital signatures into your existing business infrastructure.
  • Finding the perfect fit – Ascertia offers a diverse portfolio of products and services. This includes a comprehensive library of business integration platforms and applications. From document approval workflows to secure electronic and digital signatures, we tailor our solutions to your technical, budgetary and security requirements.
  • Security and compliance as cornerstones – As a digital trust leader, data security is our top priority, hence industry-leading security measures and compliance with industry standards such as the European Union’s eIDAS regulation. We leverage digital trust protocols to ensure the authenticity and integrity of electronically signed documents. Our solutions ensure non-repudiation of signed documents, tamper-evident seals, and peace of mind.

Empower your business with Ascertia

Don’t let disjointed systems and outdated signature processes hinder your progress. Contact Ascertia to discuss how our secure business application integrations can:

  • Unlock hidden efficiencies, streamline operations, and eliminate paper-based signature processes.
  • Accelerate workflows by integrating electronic and digital signatures and digital trust protocols, ensuring secure and compliant transactions.
  • Empower your people to achieve peak productivity within a unified and secure ecosystem.

Additional information:

  • Ascertia provides a wide range of integration solutions for various business applications, including CRMs, ERPs, and procurement systems.
  • Our solutions comply with relevant regulations and standards for electronic signatures, such as eIDAS, ESIGN, and UETA.
  • We partner with leading Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSPs) to offer a comprehensive solution for secure and compliant transactions.

By leveraging Ascertia’s expertise in seamless business application integrations and advanced e-signatures, you create a truly connected and secure business ecosystem, driving efficiency, trust, and growth.

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