Ascertia Responds to False Claim of SigningHub Data Breach and Source Code Leak

Posted by Mike Hathaway on May 9, 2024 4:29:29 PM

On the afternoon of 8th May, the Ascertia management team was alerted to a claim via Twitter/X that a malicious actor had compromised Ascertia’s network in December of 2023.

They also claimed that they had accessed the Ascertia source control system and downloaded source code files for Ascertia’s SigningHub.

Upon thorough and immediate investigation, Ascertia has concluded that there has been no unauthorised access to SigningHub source code or source code management systems.

This claim has been found to be 100% false.

The Ascertia Product Team analysed the file posted online that claims to be the Ascertia SigningHub source code. Analysis has confirmed that the file does not contain any source code or executable from SigningHub or any other Ascertia product.

The Ascertia IT team simultaneously began a thorough investigation of the Ascertia network security systems and logs. At this time, Ascertia can confirm that there is no unauthorised access from bad actors and has concluded that the claims of a data breach are also false.

Ascertia takes information security extremely seriously.

The company is dedicated to securing and safeguarding information contained within its systems. It fully complies with GDPR and data processing standards for the territories in which it operates. Furthermore, Ascertia employs robust security measures, technology and best practices for protecting the security of Ascertia products, employees, company and client information.

Ascertia will continue to analyse all perimeter network access points, source control systems and logs to ensure the security of our products, staff and client data.

For any questions, concerns or further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact your designated Ascertia Account Team or contact us here.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership and trust in Ascertia.