Ascertia successfully participates in ETSI’s Plugtests event

Posted by Mike Hathaway on Apr 24, 2024 11:00:00 AM

Ascertia, a leading digital trust solutions provider, is happy to share the results of its participation in one of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute’s (ETSI) Plugtests interoperability events.

Over October and November 2023, the event tested the interoperability of the augmentation of electronic signatures to Long Term Archive (LTA) standards and the validation of LTA-level signatures.

ETSI Plugtests

The European Commission and the European Free Trade Association fund ETSI’s Plugtests activities.

ETSI hosted its first Plugtests in 1999. Over the years, the event has become a notable force in helping develop global standards. On its website, ETSI describes the benefits of the events as:

  • Validating industry standards
  • Enabling networking between partners, competitors and other experts
  • Improving the interoperability of products and services
  • Supporting the deployment of new technologies

The test

The testing event helped participants like Ascertia to verify the interoperability of their digital signature offering.

Conducted online via a web portal, signatures were tested according to the following standards:

  1. European Standard EN 319 102-1 (Procedures for Creation and Validation of AdES Digital Signatures; Part 1: Creation and Validation)
  2. TS 119 102-2 (Procedures for Creation and Validation of AdES Digital Signatures; Part 2: Signature Validation Report)
  3. TS 119 172-4 (Signature Validation Policy for European Qualified Electronic Signatures/Seals Using Trusted Lists)

The results

Ascertia emerged as a top five company supporting different types of electronic signatures like PAdES, CAdES and XAdES. Out of 192 companies, only 12 offer anywhere near the breadth of support Ascertia provides to our customers.

In addition to our participation in Plugtests, we have tested signature types produced by our products using ETSI’s Plugtest tool and confirmed that all of our options are compliant. They also meet the standards of the EU DSS Portal.

Ascertia’s eSignatures

ADSS Signing Server is a digital signature solution that was designed to address the cost, efficiency and security issues with traditional paper signatures.

The solution has been used to electronically sign and seal millions of documents, data and transactions around the world. It has been utilised in over 55 countries by a range of enterprises, governments and Trust Service Providers (TSPs), and it can integrate with existing processes when used with Ascertia’s ADSS Client SDK or Auto File Processor.

ADSS Signing Server was designed to meet all business, legislative and regulatory needs, and Plugtests’ processes proved that our signatures meet the high standards of our customers.

SigningHub is another Ascertia product that enables organisations of all shapes and sizes to sign documents digitally.

While anybody can use SigningHub to swiftly and securely sign a document, security is paramount. The platform provides the ability to sign with a standard eSignature, while providing more secure options like Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) and eIDAS-compliant qualified eSignatures.

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