ADSS Server 6.1 release

Posted by Pieter Rensburg on Jun 12, 2019 10:43:19 AM

On 1 May 2019, Ascertia announced the  ADSS Server 6.1 release. This release provides a range of enhancements that allow third-party products and services to take advantage of exciting new functionality, including support for Remote Authorised Signing with Level 2 Sole Control.

ADSS Server 6.1 release developments:

  • The Remote Authorised Signing (RAS) and Signature Activation Module (SAM) Services have been enhanced to allow third party products to handle device registration and the RAS Service now supports QR Codes.

  • A range of upgrades to third party libraries and frameworks have been made to enhance functionality and security.

    ADSS Server v 6.1 Release

    Other ADSS Server 6.1 highlights include:

  • The Certification Service and Go>Sign Service have been enhanced to support new WebRA functionality.

  • The CSP Service can now deal with extended character sets.

  • A HMAC Service has been added as a licensed option using JSON calls to compute HMACs for business application such as SigningHub.

  • Go>Sign Desktop now supports ECDSA key generation.

We hope that end users of ADSS Server enjoy the benefits of this updated functionality, as we continue to refine the service for our valued customers.