ADSS Server 8.2 release

Posted by Mike Hathaway on Aug 1, 2023 11:12:42 AM

Ascertia is delighted to announce the release of ADSS Server 8.2.

ADSS Server is a platform for trust service providers, governments, and organisations to provide digital trust through digital certificates for people, devices, and applications.


Secure, scalable and foundational to digital business – ADSS Server is the only trust service product that can be used with third party trust infrastructures.

ADSS Server 8.2 release developments

The new version release benefits Ascertia partners and customers with enhanced ADSS Server functionality, including:

  • ADSS Server Access Control restrictions:
    ADSS Server has received a new access control module which allows operators to assign administrators with access to specific Managed Certificate Authorities and Certification Profiles.

    This feature is key for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who wish to create Certificate Authorities (CAs) for a specific set of operators, while ensuring CA operators can only access CAs that they're permitted to see and manage.

    This helps enterprises and Trust Service Providers (TSPs) to maximise their investment in ADSS PKI Server by enabling multiple Cases to be hosted on a single installation of ADSS Server.

  • Support for DigiCert One:
    ADSS Server now supports DigiCert One as an external Certificate Authority (CA). Customers can now use ADSS Server to perform full lifecycle management of certificates issued by DigiCert One, enhancing its interoperability with third party CAs.

  • Support for Entrust CA Gateway:
    ADSS Server now supports Entrust CA Gateway as an external Certificate Authority (CA), allowing customers to use ADSS Server to perform full lifecycle management of certificates issued via the Entrust CA Gateway to Entrust Security Manager.

    As with the added support for DigiCert One, this implementation furthers ADSS Server's third party interoperability.

  • Support for General Name attributes:
    ADSS CA Server has been enhanced to support General Name attributes in both Subject Alternative Name (SAN) and Issuer Alternative Name (IAN) extensions.

    This update enables ADSS PKI Server to further support certificate naming and alternative naming when issuing certificates to end entities for Trust Service Providers (TSPs), enterprises and governments. 


A full list of ADSS Server 8.2 release features can be found here.