ADSS Server 7.1 release

Posted by Mike Hathaway on Jul 7, 2022 2:00:13 PM

Ascertia is delighted to announce the ADSS Server 7.1 release.

ADSS Server 7.1 Release

ADSS Server is a modular platform built to deliver essential digital trust services required by enterprises, Trust Service Providers (TSP) and global governments.

ADSS Server 7.1 release developments

ADSS Server 7.1 is a major product release that contains many important features for all Ascertia customers and partners including:

  • ADSS Server Signing Service ETSI Standards compliance
    ADSS Server is now fully compliant with Baseline (ETSI EN 319 132-1) and Extended (ETSI EN 319 132-2) Standards for PAdES, CAdES and XAdES Signatures.

  • Enhanced SCVP Service to provide validation policies
    The ADSS Server SCVP Service has been enhanced to provide validation policies to users and relying parties that are configure within the server according to RFC 5055.

  • OCSP Service RFC 8954 support
    The ADSS Server OCSP Service has been enhanced to support the OCSP nonce extension as defined by RFC 8954.

  • RAS Service to rate limiting
    The ADSS Server RAS Service has been enhanced to enable operators to define rate limiting.

  • RAS Service authorisation dialog configuration
    The ADSS Server RAS Service has been enhanced to skip the authorization page and redirect directly to IDP

Important note: The ADSS Server CSP Service v1 API is disabled by default from ADSS Server 7.1 and will be removed in future versions of ADSS Server, new integrations should make use of the v2 API, and existing customers who still require the v1 API should enable the v1 API using the ADSS Server installation guide.

A full list of ADSS Server 7.1 release features can be found here.